Golf & Body NYC is a private club in the heart of Manhattan that offers golfers the ultimate setting for enhancing performance, getting and staying fit, and socializing with friends and business associates. A world-renowned team of golf, fitness, and sports-medicine experts combines their knowledge with the members’ passion to help them play the best game of their lives in the best shape of their lives. Along with its innovative programs, Golf & Body NYC offers entertainment options that turn the “19th hole” into a sophisticated bar and dining experience.

Membership is limited. Tours and meetings by appointment only.



Keep your game weekend-ready all summer long at Golf & Body NYC... putting the work in during the week for the wins on the course. 

If you want to drive the ball further than you ever have, play pain free and at peak performance, Golf & Body NYC offers a variety of options for summer memberships allowing you to make the most of your game when it matters most. 

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