The Core of the GBNYC Experience

What enables top athletes to rise to the top of their sport? It’s not just practice, it’s the right kind of practice. It’s not just training, it’s carefully timed and planned training that produces quantifiable results. It’s not just working with professionals, it’s having a team of experts who are as concerned about your progress as you are. It’s about setting goals and monitoring your results.

The Assessment Process at GBNYC has been personalized and customized to address the needs and desires of each member. The assessment is the starting point for an ongoing program that is regularly updated to reflect the member’s progress in both his/her health and golf game.

Getting the most out of GBNYC starts with this process. We can’t stress enough the importance of this total-body assessment process no matter what goals you have for yourself, your body, and your game.


The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your physical capabilities and your golf abilities. You will be assigned a “Team Leader” who will coordinate your interactions with the team, answer all questions, and make sure you understand every result and how it applies to your goals.

Physical: A fitness professional, trained in assessing quality of movement and range of motion, will lead you through a series of tests that are scored to determine your areas of strength and weakness. The cumulative results show how well you move and those areas that need work.

Golf: A PGA Professional will take you through a comprehensive evaluation of your overall golf game. The testing includes distance and accuracy of your driver, contact point and dispersion of approach shots, short game distance control, and full putting analysis. Results are then presented in a visual presentation that will show the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

GBNYC created this testing and scoring system exclusively for members as a way of setting baselines and tracking progress. Visual presentations explain test results and their relationship to each member’s goals. The scoring system is the basis for creating a personalized program.

When needed, our sports-medicine professionals can be consulted to evaluate any specialized issues such as injury prevention and recovery.


We know your body, we know your game. Now we can create a personalized practice plan that works in real time, because it isn’t enough to combine what we’ve learned about your fitness, golf, and sports-medicine issues just once: Our process is on-going.

Your practice plan is segmented into timelines that correspond to the golf seasons wherever you happen to be. For most of our members in the New York Metro area, the plan’s structure likely will be:

Pre-Season: Focus on building strength and power.

In Season: Improve playing skills while maintaining mobility and stability.

Post-Season: Winding down from playing with an emphasis on recovery and maintaining strength, while assessing any new issues.

This timeline is designed to maximize performance. So while you’re playing, the emphasis is on maintenance, allowing you to continue to play and improve without injury or other setbacks. In the off-season, the emphasis is on long-term gains in strength, power, and speed.

As part of the GBNYC membership, the assessment is refined throughout the year.


To ensure that the member and his/her team are always in touch, GBNYC has adopted an online system designed to ensure regular communication. Each member has his own “training space” that allows sending videos to trainers and golf pros for their analysis, and receiving similar messages in return. This space is the member’s permanent record, a vault containing all test results, videos, and interactions between member and team, allowing them to instantly see what’s changed, where progress has been made, and where more work is needed. And this training space allows the two sides to stay in communication from anywhere in the world.

At the end of each season, the team re-examines the plan and evaluates its success by measuring the member’s results both quantitatively and qualitatively, and making adjustments for the future. Our goal is continued improvement, year after year, in both fitness and golf. Regularly re-evaluating progress versus goals while monitoring your practice plan ensures that you and your game are always going in the right direction.