Golf & Body nyc welcomes pete's golf

Pete’s Golf is the exclusive club fitter of Golf & Body NYC, located on the second floor of the club. Recognized as a Top 100 Club Fitter by Golf Digest, the company has been in business for nearly four decades and has fit more than 75,000 golfers. 

Pete’s Golf uses the latest technology to custom fit golfers to their exact swing specifications and to ensure that golfers are reaching their full potential with their equipment. 

Following an initial interview process, the fitter will measure a golfer’s current equipment performance with the use of a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor. 

The next step is to experiment with different shafts and club heads based on launch monitor data and swing characteristics. With more than 50,000 combinations at their disposal representing almost every major manufacturer, the goal is to attain the proper combination for each person’s game. The selection is based strictly on performance, as Pete’s Golf offers a brand agnostic service.

Each fitting strives to find the right combination of:

  • Club head type
  • Proper loft and lie angle
  • Shaft profile (weight, flex, bend)
  • Grip size

If a combination of equipment is found to perform better, the next step is to build the clubs. Each component is built by Pete Golf’s master club fitter, whose exacting quality standards are unparalleled. Simply put, Pete’s passion is giving you the best golf game.