All members are offered an assessment–the cornerstone of the GBNYC membership experience. An extensive golf evaluation creates a series of baseline numbers for every aspect of your game, from driver to putter and every step in between, including but not limited to power, control, and accuracy.

• Private, group, and playing lessons, as well as customized clinics, are available.

• Integrated technology and diagnostic tools for shot data, body mechanics, and video analysis include:

- High Definition and TruGolf Simulators

- TrackMan Launch and Foresight Launch Monitors

- K-VEST 3D Technology

- SAM PuttLab and Blast Motion

• Specialized instruction and ball- flight analysis developed by featured advisors Darrell Kestner, Sean Foley, Chris Como and James Leitz.

• Specialized Putting instruction developed by featured advisor David Orr.