While Golf & Body NYC provides the finest indoor experiences in golf and fitness, opportunities are also available to take your game outside and on the road.


GBNYC’s golf professionals are available to take you outside of the club and onto the golf course, teaching course management and providing observations during the round. They’ll discuss your pre-round routine, alignment, difficult lies, how to deal with hazards and other on-course obstacles, all the while getting you to “think like a pro.” Through Golf & Body’s relationships with Metropolitan area private clubs and courses, members are able to partake in range lessons or playing lessons.

Access to green-grass golf is coupled with member outings and golf trips organized throughout the year to stimulate friendly competition, while fostering networking and camaraderie with between members and staff.


When you join GBNYC, you do so to play better golf and play healthier golf. But as a member, you also have an exclusive opportunity to play more golf by taking advantage of the invitation-only chance for a private golf membership in Eligo Club. This exclusive program opens the doors to courses and clubs in some of the most desired golf locations around the world.

Access to rounds of golf at top courses—which, in the U.S., are concentrated in the New York Metropolitan area and Florida—are offered to GBNYC through this unique, partnered membership. Eligo also leads fully managed trips to top golf destinations around the world, and offers a schedule of events, such as pro-ams, many at top-100 courses here and abroad. Eligo members also can rent a home in South Florida convenient to leading courses.

Eligo maintains a staff of golf professionals who arrange weekly events and tournaments that are open to Eligo members and their guests. Plus, golf professionals from GBNYC are available to accompany members for these on-course experiences.