James LEitz

As further evidence of Golf & Body NYC’s commitment to the best and most innovative golf instruction, the club has signed James Leitz to the instruction team. Leitz, a 32year PGA professional, is one of the world’s leading experts on ball-flight analysis, and the only instructor to be both a Golf Digest Top 100 club fitter and Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. James was invited in 2014 to be the featured speaker at the PGA Teaching Summits in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Scotland at St. Andrews, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Australia. James has also been a featured speaker at M.I.T. three times and the PGA of America Coaching & Teaching Summit twice.  

Leitz invented the D-Plane Model and developed methodology for capturing the most detailed information available today about a golfer's swing at impact and ball flight by using 3-D Body Motion Analysis and Trackman Doppler radar. He is an expert in the use of the Trackman Launch Monitor, which he uses at Golf & Body NYC both with students and to teach other coaches. James is sought out by many PGA Tour instructors as a source of technical information. James has also taught 23 junior state champions in Louisiana since 1982.