As part of its offerings to junior golfers, GBNYC offers a Junior Golf & Fitness Academy, which is a structured, individualized, golf-specific training program to build a solid foundation for collegiate or competitive golf.

Weekly sessions focus on all aspects of the student’s game and physical abilities. GBNYC’s philosophy is to remain attentive to each student by maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1. Each student’s program will be individualized to meet his/her own particular game-improvement and physical needs.

Students will receive personalized instruction and training from GBNYC’s team of professionals.

Assessment Process: On the student’s first day of the junior program, he/she will receive a personal assessment of their golf game and physical attributes. This is done to create a baseline for improvement during the remainder of the program. Each student will receive a report card of their game in its current state; a follow-up assessment will be done upon completion of the program.


The Academy Programs, available for 12- to 18-year-olds, begin with a detailed assessment process to uncover the underlying physical causes of common swing faults and assess current technique in order to identify areas for game improvement considering the body’s ability to perform. A customized fitness and practice plan, appropriate for juniors, will lay out a program for increased strength, mobility, stability, balance, sequencing, speed, and power to ensure greater success on the golf course.

The annual academy membership includes 60 hour-long sessions combining golf instruction, training, and body work.


The Junior Academy Summer Bridge Program is the perfect way to get young golfers age 12-18 primed and ready for a terrific summer of golf.

Held after school three days a week from mid-April until early June, the Bridge Program begins with comprehensive fitness and golf-skills assessments that determine your junior’s strengths and weaknesses, both physically and playing the game. The evaluations identify swing faults as well as potential sources of injury.

Whether your junior wants to compete against the region’s best, gain confidence, prepare for a college golf career, or a combination of the above, GBNYC’s Bridge Program is a significant step on the road to success.


The Junior Golf & Fitness Academy starts juniors, ages 5-11 years old, on the path to maximizing their golf potential.

Each week combines 45 minutes of golf-specific fitness and 45 minutes of golf instruction and supervised practice.

Junior golfers benefit from learning full- and short-game fundamentals in a fun training environment. The low player-to-coach ratio facilitates enjoyment and improvement of golf-specific movement skills.