Make the Most of the Off Season

Autumn doesn’t have to mean the end of golf season. At least not at Golf & Body NYC. 

Even if you’re playing less than you were just a few weeks before, the fall is a great time to keep working on your game and getting your body into its best shape for golf. We’ve personalized and customized the Assessment Process so it more fully and naturally addresses the need of each member.

Our fitness and golf teams have created a proprietary system for analyzing and monitoring the body’s strengths and weaknesses, with this system becoming the starting point for an on-going program that is regularly updated to reflect the member’s progress in both his health and golf game. 

And this practice plan can correspond to the golf seasons wherever you happen to be, sitting out the winter at home or spending the cold months in Florida, Arizona, or another warm climate. Wherever you go, your game—and fitness plan—go with you. That means maximum performance, 12 months a year, at home or on the road. 

Use this autumn to start a whole new year of your golf game and your life.

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Focus on building strength and power starting with our unique assessment process.

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In Season

Improve playing skills while maintaining key factors such as mobility and stability.

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Wind down from playing with an emphasis on recovery, strength and assessing any new issues.