The 2017 MGA Carey Cup team once again features a highly accomplished group of competitors, including two GBNYC members, Stewart Hagestad and Darin Goldstein

The biennial Governor Hugh L. Carey Challenge Cup will highlight the early portion of the MGA schedule this season, as six of the Met Areas top amateur competitors will square off against the Golfing Union of Ireland at Galway Bay Resort in Oranmore, Ireland, May 16-18. 

Member, Stewart Hagestad, Wins Low Amateur Award at the Masters

On Friday, GBNYC Member, Stewart Hagestad, became the first winner of the U.S. Mid-Amateur to make the cut at the Masters. Two days later, he put the finishing touches on final round 73 and tied for 36th place at 6 over par to collect the silver cup that goes to the low amateur.

On Thursday, April 13th, the Wall Street Journal wrote about Hagestad, stating, "During the day, Hagestad helped put valuations on commercial properties. Most weeknights, Hagestad would head to Golf & Body NYC... He spent hours there, trainers at the club said—a routine in the weight room, putting on a turf green, practicing drives in a simulator—sometimes closing the club on weeknights at 10pm."

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Member, Stewart Hagestad, Preps for the Masters Tournament

GBNYC member, Stewart Hagestad, the 2016 U.S. Mid-Amateur Golf Championship winner, is preparing for the upcoming Masters Tournament. In an interview with the Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA), Stew was asked "What has your recent preparation looked like?"

Stew replied, "For the most part, it hasn't changed from any other event. There has been slightly more emphasis on short game practice, but as far as general preparation, I consider myself dedicated to putting in the work necessary to have the opportunity to play great."

The team at Golf & Body NYC can attest to the work Stew has put in to keep his game at its peak through practice, training and conditioning -- on the greens, in the simulator and in the gym. A true testament to the Golf & Body experience!

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GBNYC Team Featured on "Golf Live" Series

Check out some of the Golf & Body NYC team on the first episode of season 2 of Golf Live on! Director of Fitness, Matt Atkins and Dr. Bradley Borne, Director of Sports Medicine, take Marika through some pre-season exercises to get you in shape for the season. After a long winter, these quick and easy movements focus on preventing injury and gearing up your golf swing after a long winter.

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Featured Professional James Leitz at Golf & Body NYC


James Leitz is the world's only GOLF.comTop 100 Instructor and Golf DigestTop 100 Clubfitter. James' member seminar on the connection between the golf swing, TrackMan data and his topic of expertise, the D-Plane, took place at GBNYC on Monday evening. James gave private instruction as well as doing an informative staff training. We hope to see him back at the facility very soon!

Golf & Body NYC Featured in "Get In The Loupe"

See Golf & Body NYC featured in Get In The Loupe, a fantastic blog dedicated to finding the places that are "diamonds in the rough". Blogger, Bryan V, writes "They have a holistic approach to working out and attempt to fix any injuries or limitations that limit your ability to play like Jordan Speith. At Golf & Body, they have golf professionals on staff who assist you in finding your optimal swing. In this 25,000 square foot facility, they have a gym, a therapy room, a restaurant, as well as 7 golf simulators. These simulators not only allow you to play golf at some of the world's best courses, but they also analyze your swing. This way you will be ready to hit the real links when the weather improves and benefit from your high handicap...". Where else can you get your ready for the season in the middle of Manhattan? 

Resident Magazine Features Article about Golf & Body NYC

"With winter almost over and spring approaching, there’s a great way to get in shape for this season’s golf game. Golf & Body NYC, located in the heart of Manhattan, can advance your game, both physically and mentally, in a luxurious setting that replicates the finest golf courses in the world. Where else in midtown can you practice and play all year long?"

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A Bit on Putting Technology with Resident Club Fitter, Doug Emma

"Putting is like wisdom. Partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience." - Arnold Palmer

Spend some time with Doug Emma, resident fitter at GBNYC with True Spec Golf learning about the different types of putter heads and the feedback from Quintic Consultancy Ltd. in their putter studio. Do you pull your putts? Push them? What type of head design would be best for you? Mallet? Blade? Informing yourself and tracking your putter and the roll on Quintic are the combination for the best starting place to working on your short game this off-season at Golf & Body NYC.

Dr. Bradley Borne & Member, Michael McCormick Win Tour Pro-Am at The Abaco Club

Our Director of Wellness and Sports Medicine, Bradley Borne, recently accompanied member, Michael McCormick, to The Abaco Club on Winding Bay last week for the second Tour tournament of the year. They were paired up with week one winner, Kyle Thompson, and won the Pro-Am. The Abaco Club left a lasting impression on Bradley and the Tour players... from their hospitality to the amenities and of course, the incredible golf course. What a home for the Tour!

Director of Sports Medicine & Wellness, Dr. Bradley Borne, Talks Golfer's Elbow

We are now fully into off-season at Golf & Body NYC! As you get your game ready for 2017, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your body. Hitting too many balls in the simulators or on the range can cause some elbow pain. There are many ways to avoid getting elbow pain including proper strengthening exercises and stretches, and incorporating routine soft-tissue massage. Our staff can show you the appropriate things to do to prevent and treat elbow injuries. Also, remember you can always tee the ball up to avoid the impact of the mat using a small tee for irons. 

- Director of Sports Medicine & Wellness, Dr. Bradley Borne

Nutritionist, Ariane Hundt, Featured in Golf Digest

Along with your new year resolutions to get better at golf, practice more and be healthier, there is no better time than to rethink what you eat while playing a round. GBNYC nutritionist, Ariane Hundt was recently featured in Golf Digest to give tips on "7 healthy golf course snacks" instead of the typical granola bar in your bag or grabbing a hot dog at the halfway house. 

Ariane suggests, “When out on the course, sugar will crash you within a short period of consumption, so stick with the low-carb, higher-protein options to keep your energy up for hours.” Easy enough. Read more by clicking here!