Golf Body NYC utilizes the most sophisticated technology in golf to help members improve their full-swing and short-game performance.

TrackMan—the industry’s state-of-the-art ball-flight analyzer—measures the trajectory of any shot while providing data on the clubhead’s angle of attack and face angle as well as 3-D imaging of ball flight. TrackMan also features a shotmaking test called TrackMan Combine that enables golfers to benchmark their skills and chart their progress.

On the greens, the system of choice is Sam PuttLab, which utilizes ultrasound for both analysis and training. Measuring 28 parameters of the putting stroke, Sam PuttLab displays results in bold, clear graphic representations. Also in play is V1 Pro Video, which captures both down-the-line and face-on angles of the putting stroke.

Bringing all the pieces together is AMM/K-Vest 6DOF Walkabout, the ultimate in 3-D motion-analysis software for understanding the relationship between body and club movement. The software creates a virtual-reality, three-dimensional model of each swing, along with corresponding biomechanical values including kinematic sequencing, joint angles, posture, speed, acceleration, and timing. This information can used diagnostically to detect swing efficiency, as well as predict potential injury, or as a biofeedback tool for accelerated learning.