Sports Medicine + wellness

Along with elite golf training and performance, Golf & Body NYC offers sports medicine and wellness services. Our therapists work closely with the golf and fitness professionals in a multidisciplinary approach to our members' overall wellbeing. Constant communication between the three areas is fundamental in preventing injuries and keeping our members functioning at a high level. Our team approach and thorough assessment process truly allows us to prevent or minimize injuries and maximize performance during fitness and golf training sessions. Therapists are certified through Titleist Performance Center, Neurac Institute, Graston Technique, Active Release Technique,  Functional Movement Systems, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and Muscle Activation Technique.


One-on-one manual therapy addresses injury and movement dysfunction from a whole-body perspective. Soft-tissue techniques and gentle mobilizations are performed to restore proper range of motion. Corrective exercise prescriptions are given to help maintain mobility and stability.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS): Assesses movement quality and forms a basis for treatment protocols and exercise program design.

Selective Functional Movement: Assessment (SFMA). Identifies the cause of movement dysfunction and provides clinicians with appropriate interventions.

Redcord (Neurac Method): Restores functional and pain-free movement patterns through high levels of neuromuscular stimulation..

Graston Technique: Instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to treat scar tissue and fascial restrictions.

Active Release Technique (ART): Soft-tissue system/ movement-based massage technique for treating muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.

BODYWORK: SOFT TISSUE: Pre- and post-workout soft-tissue therapy facilitates safe warm-up and after-exercise recovery.

MAT THERAPY (MUSCLE ACTIVATION TECHNIQUE): MAT is a biomechanically based manual-therapy process that identifies and corrects muscular imbalances responsible for chronic pain, tightness, and injury. Designed to correct body alignment, MAT can help improve athletic performance and everyday activity.

FASCIAL STRETCH THERAPY: FST is a unique system of manual therapy, which has proved to be highly successful in the treatment of common neuromyofascial imbalances, disorders and dysfunctions.


  • Swedish Massage: Performed on a table, using oils, relaxes entire body and systems, warms up skeletal muscle systems, and encourages blood and lymph flow to wash out waste and bring nutrition to every cell
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Similar to Swedish massage but using a slower stroke; target areas are deeper layer of fascia, muscle, and tendon
  • Sports Massage: Performed on a table, using oils. Available for both pre- and post-performance/activity