As Director of Wellness, Bradley Borne, D.C., is at the hub of all performance, training, and healing services at Golf & Body NYC. Focusing on the needs of members, Borne brings together the club’s many health disciplines while evaluating and adding new services.  Among those presently available are chiropractic, physical therapy, nutrition, yoga, massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Muscle Activation Technique, all given in concert with the member’s personalized golf instruction program.

Bradley received his chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He specializes in soft tissue techniques, rehabilitation, and corrective exercises. He is certified in Golf Performance through Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and has worked with one of the top golf performance specialists in the world. Dr. Borne is certified in FMS, SFMA, and Graston Technique and is Neurac Certified through the Neural Institute.  Dr. Borne started and oversees the “Return to Golf” program at Golf & Body NYC, a unique program that incorporates golf-specific personal training and golf instruction with sports medicine.  Many of the top sports medicine doctors in the city send their patients to Golf & Body NYC for this program.

Before joining Golf & Body NYC, Dr. Borne was working in golf performance and sports medicine at The Roaring Fork Club and Aspen Sports Medicine in Aspen, Colorado.


Dr. Keith Pyne has been immersed in competitive sports at the collegiate, Olympics, and professional levels for 25 years. To date, he has treated over 1,300 professional athletes. He uses manual manipulation and corrective exercises to treat his patients, concentrating on neuromuscular structural integration that resolves injuries and biomechanical discrepancies by addressing the problem in the body’s kinetic chain system. Dr. Pyne has a private practice in New York City and based on his clientele over the years, has taken on the role of medical advisor to various professional sports organizations. Currently, he is chairman of the medical board of the Washington Nationals baseball team, where he pioneered a proactive medical analytic/data model for injury prevention. He also serves as advisor of medical analytics performance for the New York Islanders hockey team. At Golf and Body NYC, Dr. Pyne serves as medical advisor, creating and managing a data medical analytics platform for the advancement of golf and other rotational sports.

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Charleene O’Connor uses her knowledge of golf specific training, postural alignment work, biomechanics, and meditation. Your body as strong as your weakest link. My goal is to find those links and get your body and mind feeling better, looking better, and improving your golf game. She has worked with many professional athletes from golfers to Venus and Serena Williams.

She has created and run fitness facilities from the ground up, from the Los Angeles Country Club to Clay in New York City. She also worked at Old Palm Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. She is the owner of an Organic skin and home care line called TRUTH which she designed after getting a bout of skin cancer.

She attended Boston University, played Division 1 Soccer player, while getting her degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor is Psychology. She has certifications in  Muscle Activation Technique Specialist, Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist Affiliate, TPI Level 3 Golf Fitness Trainer, Aromatherapy Scholar, AEA Water Rehabilitation, and it is currently in a year Meditation Teacher training with Goswami Kriyanana. You cannot heal the body without healing the mind.

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Bee Bosnak  is the creator of Heal Yourself, a comprehensive yoga system designed to explore the strength, structure, and biomechanics of the physical body as well as enhance the capacity of the emotional body, thus merging the practice to a mind/body/spirit connection.

A student of many forms of yoga, Bee’s teachings focus on alignment, emotional balance, and the art of letting go. Her guidance helps practitioners combine hope, awareness, self-reflection, and strength to create the best version of themselves both on and beyond the mat.

A transplanted Londoner now living in New York, Bee has been featured in many publications.

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Michael joins Golf & Body NYC as a Level II Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a table-based, assisted stretching system that improves flexibility, mobility, strength, and general tissue health and resilience. He hopes to integrate FST into the training and health services at Golf & Body NYC to help improve members’ performance, Function, and overall movement integrity.

Michael, who is also FMS Level I Certified and an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, is a passionate rugby player.  He plays with the Old Blue New York Rugby Club in the American Rugby Premiership.

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Golf & Body’s Lauren S. Tashman, PhD, is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) affiliated with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).  She provides mental performance coaching, leadership counseling, and team/organization consulting in sport, exercise, and non-sport performance settings. Lauren has consulted for 10+ years for a variety of sports, including golf, softball, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, rowing, swimming and diving, tennis, basketball, and volleyball at levels including youth, collegiate, professional, and national/Olympic.