GBNYC Member, Stewart Hagestad, Featured in Golf Digest September Issue


Stew Hagestad, low amateur of the 2017 Masters, qualifier for the U.S. Open and esteemed Golf & Body member was recently featured in Golf Digest's September issue with GBNYC mentioned as one of the places that aided in the preparation for his success.   

"Puzzling as Hagestad’s decision to not turn pro might seem, the lesson is that the best golf of your life can happen at any moment. A few years out of college working in Manhattan as a financial analyst, seeing kids he knew from junior golf playing on TV, this would’ve been the traditional time to let his game go downhill. Instead, Hagestad joined Deepdale (N.Y.) Golf Club as a junior member and made a habit of dawn practice sessions. Then, after work, he’d hit up Golf & Body NYC, a private gym with golf simulators a short walk from his apartment."

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