Staff Spotlight: Sonny Burgo, Master Clubfitter


Sonny Burgo joined the Pete’s Golf team in 2013 after honing his skills at Callaway Golf. His passion for golf and experience in customer service has made him a perfect fit. Sonny has achieved Master Clubfitter status after spending the last six years learning the art of fitting at Pete’s Golf and has been with Golf & Body NYC since January 2018. He has the knowledge and experience to fit every club in your bag, and get you playing your best golf.


We asked Sonny to talk about club fitting and Tiger Woods, specifically the importance of his clubs. Here is what Sonny had to say:

“Making an equipment change for ANY level of golfer can be a challenging task. As we see with Tiger and Taylormade's attempts to create the "perfect" set, it is not easy and quite time consuming. Tiger is probably the most hypersensitive golfer ever and what "feels" he looks for in his clubs and we cannot discount that based on his track record. 

When I work with a golfer, regardless of skill level, I always ask how a club feels and looks in that players hands. Golf is an emotional game and if clubs don't look or feel right, how are you going to improve? This part of the process allows for some give and take between the fitter and golfer.”

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At G&BNYC, Sonny not only fits members for clubs, Pete’s Golf at G&BNYC is open to the public by appointment only.

“While most people don't have that same sensitivity and certainly do not play for a living, I still go through the same approach when selecting clubs for a player. From static measurements (length, loft, lie, shaft weight/flex, etc..) to center of gravity positions in the club head, I am trying to find the combination that aids the golfer finding better and more consistent impact locations and face-to-path scenarios that will maximize ball flights. Remember, we are fitting more to the miss tendency of that player to help those poor shots be, well, less poor and more predictable from a dispersion standpoint

Bottom line, whether you’re Tiger or a 25 handicap weekend warrior, it is very important that the clubs you use are conducive to the golf swing patterns you create. The only way to know for sure is be fit by a reputable fitter who can help you navigate through the complexity of club selection.”