Staff Spotlight: Collin Woods, Golf Professional

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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Collin Woods is a first-generation golfer with a successful junior career in high school and college. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s of Science. During his time at Gleneagles Country Club and Dallas National Golf Club, Collin has worked closely as a student and apprentice of Chris Como immersing himself in a philosophy of holistic instruction focusing on biomechanics, golf technology, exercise physiology, course strategy, club fitting and the psychology of optimal performance. Collin holds certifications in GEARS and Swing Catalyst and has experience working with DECADE course management strategy founder, Scott Fawcett and Top 50 Golf Teacher in America, Mike Adams.

“Viktor Hovland and Matthew Wolff both made their professional debuts at the Travelers last week. Their distinctive golf swings caught the eye of many on social media and the golf world alike. These two players exemplify the same unique qualities of a golf swing that I have procured from my time spent learning and working alongside Chris Como. 

To me, no two human beings are alike. As a coach, I embrace each specific individual's body type, athletic abilities, kinematics, allocation time to practice, habits, and feels. This corresponds to the approach we take at Golf & Body. In the initial Golf, Fitness, and Mobility Assessments we curtail a specialized training regimen balancing these three foundational pillars. Every golfer hopes to add an extra 10-20 yards to their drive, but it ultimately starts with the body being in a place that will allow for improvement and success. At Golf & Body, we do not have a model or system that we follow, but instead direct our Members down their own obtainable, efficient, and unique path.

 In my own teaching, I preach the idea of “different strokes for different folks”. No one golfer is the same and therefore, no one lesson is the same. To me, this approach produces results.” -Collin Woods

“In Viktor and Matthew’s case, they each have their own feels and techniques that uniquely suit them as golfers. As a coach, I appreciate the uniqueness and individuality that each player has.  A lot can be learned from these two, in order to figure out what golf swing would work best for you.” -Collin Woods