Staff Spotlight: Jason Jenkins, Performance Coach


Jason adopts a comprehensive approach when it comes to health, wellness and golf performance at Golf & Body. He believes that mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery are the main pillars contributing to optimal golf performance and overall well-being.

Mindset includes daily thoughts and approaches to everyday situations. Intention starts with mindset and you can do wonders as it relates to managing stress and performing your best when you utilize strategies such as daily meditation and/or keeping a gratitude journal to record your thoughts.

Movement doesn't necessarily mean having to be in the gym all day. Instead one can focus on improving movement quality first and incorporate simple movement patterns to help you perform and feel better like the squat, hinge and horizontal pulling.

Nutrition can be a confusing topic based upon all the information available nowadays. Focus on whole food sources with the mindset of eating to perform in order to play your best. Pay attention as well to hydration as that directly correlates to how well your body responds both on and off the course.

When it comes to performing your best many people overlook sleep as being a critical factor to their success. Improving sleep quality has a dramatic impact on health and well-being along with maximizing your impact on the golf course. Having better sleep relies heavily on developing consistent habits that can include: going to bed at the same time every night, limiting electronics and bright lights prior to sleeping and avoiding and/or limiting alcohol to name a few.


Making small manageable choices in one or a few of these areas will start to make a dramatic impact in your health and will ultimately lead to better performance on the golf course.