K-Vest Training at GBNYC

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Golf & Body NYC has recently added K-VEST 3D to our growing list of technology to help our members improve! K-VEST is a wearable biofeedback device that can be used to measure movement, assess player characteristics and generate valuable reports. Our professional team can implement this in the hitting bays or fitness center in a session. Our team is currently learning, testing and implementing K-VEST into our assessments and look forward to offering these sessions for 2017!

Shoulder Impingement | How GBNYC Can Help

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Shoulder impingement is a common injury in golfers, especially affecting the lead arm. This commonly develops when tendons or bursa in your shoulder become irritated from repeated overhead movements.

At Golf & Body NYC, we have 3-4 different tests in our assessment process that let us know if you might have shoulder impingement. Once identified, we will do a clinical orthopedic evaluation to confirm and then guide you through the appropriate treatment protocol.

Eden Foster Returns to GBNYC for the Winter Season

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Featured Advisor, Eden Foster, has officially returned to GBNYC this winter season for his weekly one-on-one sessions with members of the club! He kicked off his return with a seminar on "Taking Your Game from the Range to the Course" for both GBNYC members and members of his own home club who were looking for a bit of strategic information on the topic as the outdoor season winds to a close and the indoor season begins to take full swing.

You can watch the seminar, which was shown live, on Golf & Body NYC's Facebook page at any time! 

Olympic Gold Medalist, Justin Rose, at Golf & Body NYC

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Olympic Gold Medalist, Justin Rose, recently joined GBNYC for a night filled with Single Malt and Luxury Watches. Hublot hosted the evening bringing in their world famous luxury watches, stylishly placed along the dim-lit main floor of the facility as glasses of Glenmorangie Scotch were passed among the guests. Justin Rose made his appearance at the club, along with his gold medal, for a Q&A with Golf Digest Fashion Director, Marty Hackel. With over 100 guests, the evening was VIP filled and an occasion that will definitely be remembered!